Live Life to the Fullest: What does that even mean!




Tired of hearing those quotes but not sure what it means, or worse, think that you don’t have time for those kinds of thoughts? It feels like society has been teaching us that there’s all these things that we don’t have that we need, but what about those things that we already have, isn’t that why we have the friends we do, or the people in our lives that love us? We didn’t say, “hey in a few years I’ll be ( …)wow we should definitely be friends” or “wow you have a lot planned out for your future, I love you, lets have a life together” Sounds silly when you think about it that way. But the truth is people are in our lives because of who we actually are, today.


I heard a message in church yesterday, and you guessed, it was about using what we already have to help others, only giving what you can. In my quiet reflection I thought about my life, how many things am I not doing because I don’t think I have what it takes yet? How about you, what are you not doing because you don’t think you have what it takes? That made me think of all the things I do have that are great about me, I’ll spare you the laundry list as to why I’m awesome. I saw something a few days ago, “what’s great about awesome, it ends in me.” Are you selling yourself short too? I’ve learnt a few things lately that add value to this new insight, the most important thing to do is ‘Always do my best’. Now by adding ‘give only what I can’ lets look back at “Live life to the fullest” Maybe I should be living live, doing the best that I can everyday. Now with doing your best, it doesn’t mean go above and beyond of what you have, but instead, give just what you can. If it means saving a little for yourself so that you can give again later, then that’s still within the bounds of giving your best. So if what I have is happiness or optimism, then I can give that, I don’t have to wait until I’m in a better place to do something nice for someone else. I can give whatever little happiness I can today. As for “you only live once” I’m not really a fan of that one, sounds like an excuse to be irresponsible. Life has consequences, and we have to live with them, so we probably shouldn’t do anything that we’ll regret later.


Well that’s my good for today, go out and do the best that you can, live the best life you can today. There’s no reason you should wait to offer a kind word to someone, even a stranger. You shouldn’t wait to tell your loved ones you care about them. Don’t sell yourself short, we have many gifts to share, right now. It’s not big changes that make a difference, it’s the small things. So share WHAT YOU CAN with others, maybe we can start a wave of happiness for today. You have no idea how you’re changing other’s lives, so while there is still time, go out and live life to the fullest (that you’re capable of giving for today).


Go ahead, share your story!

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