A Modern Day Love Story!!



In-spite of our speaking various languages, there are a few things that are universally understood by all. Love, finding Meaning in life, and finding your purpose, are fundamental to all societies; we all struggle to find these things in our lives. The start of 2014 has been great and I feel that there are so many amazing things to come. 2013 found me at the end of yet another failed relationship, I wondered if I’ll ever find “The One” for me. Through much prayer, reflecting, and just simply living I’ve come to a better place. Although 2013 represented struggles for me and many people around me, through the struggles I found answers to my question. Will I ever find Love, will I stop longing for a connection that surpasses everything else? Love like many things, comes in many forms, and in many cases it takes a form we least expect. I’m at a place in my life that I’m no longer afraid, no longer afraid to talk about God and our love affair. I choose to believe in him, and I’m comforted to know that he supports me in all of life’s endeavors. What follows is a kind of chronicle of how I came to be where I am today, and why I’m so happy with my life, despite not yet finding my earthly Love yet!

What is Love, many have attempted to define it, but you say Love is to will someone’s good as God defines good.

Knowing your love means that I will experience a love like no other,

Your word says that if we’re to count the stars in the sky, your love is bigger than that.

Sometimes I stop and ask myself, why me, what have I done to deserve this? Then you remind me that your love is different.

You Love me despite my flaws, even in the times when I may deny knowing you, or even when I turn my back.

I find that I’m constantly surprised that you’ve loved me so much.

I’ve sinned and I’m not perfect, I still struggle to not give in to my carnal desires, to put you first in my life.

But you are not surprised, you know me better than I know myself.

Everything you do is to take me one step closer to my best life.

Love is not selfish, love empowers us to be our best self.

Even in tragedy and trials there’s an opportunity for you to work miracles,

You love me so much you will move mountains just to show how much you love me, how much you love this sinner.

Although I’ve known you my entire life, it wasn’t until I thought I’d lost everything that I came to KNOW you.

You’ve always searched for me, you’ve always look for opportunities to show me your grace.

In moments when I think I can’t go further, that’s when you pick me up and carry me.

I’ve finally surrendered and let you take the lead.

I was afraid of what would happen, what would others think of me, what will I be missing out on?

Will I have to give up life, will I have to give up fun?

The Irony is that I was happy to give up all those things to know you more.

In surrendering to you I find peace, and I’m even happier than I ever was.

Your love has transformed me, I finally understand what my purpose is.

Your love has thought me to use my words to encourage, to build and lift up others.

I find myself longing to spend more time with you, I don’t need anyone else.

I’ve given up all the things I though was Living.

I’ve found happiness spending time with just you, I no longer have eyes for anyone else.

I’ve given up many things, and you continue to place more wonderful gifts in my hands.

I’m committed to you, no matter what others may think.

Even as I fully surrender myself to your service, others ask me why I’m so happy, what’s the source of my Joy?

I have to confess I didn’t think my life would be like this, I didn’t think Loving you would be so easy.

I’m happy from the inside, I finally know what true happiness and peace is.

I’ve committed to fully giving you my heart, and my life is so much better now that I’ve KNOWN  you.

Based on the message in Church yesterday, I’ve come away with a few noteworthy points of emphasis:

1. God calls us to do what intrinsically makes us happy, he wants us to be happy with our ministry for him. If you play baseball, he probably wont ask you to learn how to minister to others through astronomy. When he calls you, it will be to use what you already like doing.

2. Our God given destiny is tied to what we already want, our desire for Intimacy (Into me see) isn’t ties to some abstract. It’s aligned with what we feel in our heart. Take me for example I like talking to people, to speak to them about Relationships. In the past months I’ve been able to talk to others about that topic. I now know that my words came from God, I was able to comfort others with my words; something I already liked doing.

3. To experience the full effect of God’s love, I must fully surrender. I must not let fear tell me that it won’t work, that I will not be satisfied my his love; that’s already proven wrong because I’m extremely satisfied by God’s Love.

4. I must also live as a One Heart man, I can’t put anyone or anything above God. Even my potential spouse must come second, but of-course above money or the cares of this world. So God, then spouse, then everything else.


Go ahead, share your story!

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