Get on the Bus!!!

Crouded Bus


Just had a great run, and was checking out Social Media to see what transpired while I was away. I’m sad to say that like many of you I struggle to un-tether myself from my phone at times, but I did get a good run in; now I’m ready to face the day. Came across an interesting story that I’d like to share.

“There is a story about a crowded bus, but one more man was pushing the others, trying to get on board. One angry passenger shouted at him, “Hey! The bus is full! Who do you thing you are?” The man replied, “I’m the bus driver!”

What’s your life like, do you have the right people on your bus? Another question to ask yourself is, are there too many people on your bus? With today’s busy life, and the access we have with our smart phones, it’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of daily life. It’s important however to make sure your life isn’t crowded, and that the right people are in your life. It doesn’t matter how full the bus is, if you don’t have a driver, you’re not going anywhere. Do you have the right driver, one who knows how to get to the right destination?

Go ahead, share your story!

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