I am Second! It’s ok I didn’t do my best today!

I am Second


It’s been some time since I’ve last written anything, sometimes I don’t know what to write, so I elect not to. That’s the great thing about writing though, sometimes the end result isn’t what you initially imagined. Sometimes you just have to show up and you can inspire others even if you don’t think it feels right. Besides I don’t write for me, I write because someone else might need the encouragement, so why should it matter if I feel motivated about the topic! I was speaking to a friend yesterday, and she was beating herself up for not feeling like her best, she felt that her day was wasted and it just “totally sucked.” My first response was to laugh, because the day wasn’t over yet, it was only 3pm. To me it sounds like there was still plenty of time to turn the day around. In one of the latest articles I posted, I talked about someone who was in prison, and despite his circumstances, he still found time to be positive. Happiness is a state of mind, it’s not dictated by your circumstances. So what if you woke up late, if you didn’t get the start to the day you wanted. That’s just the start, there’s still plenty of time to be positive and change your attitude. This brings me to my words of encouragement:

Always do your best

There are days when you don’t feel well, and then days when you feel that you can conquer any obstacle in your way. So each day do the best that you’re capable of, if you can only do 40% then do all of it. If you can do more tomorrow, then do that. I learnt this from the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. When you do the best you can, it puts a lid on the judge, you find it harder to blame yourself for not feeling like you’re enough. For this to work though you have to embrace that sometimes you’re not going to be at 100%, and it’s ok, it’s not an excuse but just learning that you have limits. Taking up this philosophy has freed me from the burden of guilt. Yesterday I didn’t feel like going out, I was tired and wanted to stay in, so I embraced it. I was able to encourage my friend when she needed it (I didn’t initially listen to my inner voice, I thought about texting her, and decided not to, then she texted me later and said she was having a bad day. I almost missed out on the opportunity). I also had a really great conversation with my mom about life and faith, but that’s because I embraced that I wasn’t feeling like going outside, so I did as much as I could do inside. Even though you’re not feeling great, doesn’t mean that you can’t accomplish something great (feel free to tweet that one)


Not winning first place isn’t always a bad thing, you showed up to the race, yes someone was better than you. Sometimes being humble and acknowledging that you gave it your all is the bigger winner than being first. The stories that got the most traction in theWinner Podium 2014 Olympics weren’t of the people who got first, there were many stories about athletes who helped others. How their great sportsmanship was an inspiration to others. I use the term I AM SECOND to acknowledge that I am not an island, anything great I do isn’t of my own accord, whether it’s my faith or someone offering an encouraging word. Even the athletes who make it to the Olympics, it’s not of just their natural talent, they were coached and also encouraged by their parents. I AM SECOND because I’m not perfect, I have my flaws, but those flaws makes me human not broken. I AM SECOND because I believe that there is a higher power out there, I call it my faith in God. I AM SECOND because I enjoy alcohol from time to time, I give into temptation and sin, and I even lie sometimes. I’m not perfect, but I believe I was beautifully made, and even in my flaws there is grace and and encouragement that helps me lift up others. I AM SECOND because I choose to not put Money, Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and Stuff as my God. I believe that there is a higher power that holds all of the Universe together, there are too many amazing things that happen for me to think that it’s all just a random coincidence. There is nothing random about thinking of a specific person and a specific problem, only to talk to them and find out that you’re right. I think it’s one of the greatest fallacies that we can do it ALL on our own, at every stage you’ve gotten help from someone. I think we should all acknowledge and give thanks, even for the bad stuff, because we don’t know what worse situation that action prevented us from being in.

What about you, how can adopting the attitude of doing your Best and not always putting yourself first change the way you feel about your life today.  What is Love, is it not putting the needs of another above yourself? Those love songs and poems do they say I love you let me go first, or I love you let me go first so I can face the danger for you. Love is self-less not selfish, love puts others first. So as you practice love isn’t it saying I AM SECOND? Freeing yourself from the thinking that doing your best is always giving 100%, acknowledging that you have limits helps you to free yourself from guilt. Adopting this practice helps you to feel like you’re enough, and that even if you’re not 100%, it doesn’t mean that you’re not giving your best, it doesn’t meant that you still can’t do something great and amazing.

Go ahead, share your story!

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