Breathing Into “Untimely” Sexual Energy

Hmm found this interesting article about Male Sexual energy. As a male it seems as though I’m constantly bombarded with sexual images, and that gets complicated, I’m a visual creature. The inner animal in me is like a wild tiger, and I struggle to find healthy ways to express myself. This seems like a great place to start, I hope it helps bring ballance and clarity to other people’s lives

This Wild Waking Journey

Sexual energy rises and falls in the body like the tides.

I’m a single, 39th-year man, living in Santa Monica, California, surrounded by brilliant AND gorgeous women. Yet I have no intimate female partner with whom I can express the natural sexual energies coursing through my body every single damn day. Do you have any idea how often the intoxicating magnetism of a feminine woman’s physical presence attempts to seduce me?

An attractive, feminine woman is like a brilliant full moon shining resplendent over the ocean of my masculine sexuality. I’m literally pulled towards her like gravity.

moon ocean

Here’s basically what happens:

In the presence of an attractive woman relaxed in her feminine being, I may initially feel a delicious, thick energy alight deep inside me – depending on the woman and the moment, it may simply start in my groin. If the chemistry quickens, that energy spark will rapidly expand…

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