Lean Into Your Struggles + Trust Yourself!!!Re-Blogged from The Daily Love

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Me: I’ve had a bumpy road.Danielle
You: Who hasn’t?
Me: True. I hear ya.
You: So whattya think about it all?

Me: I think a lot of things. (Including how much it’s sucked at times)
But mostly I think about what a fascinating education it has been.

Spiritual ass-kicking at it’s finest;
Soul-work for the advanced student;
Freedom-fighting for the dedicated soldier.

And along the way I learned three irrefutable truths:

1. Everyone, everyone, is struggling with the same thing: fear of being her true self.

2. Meeting your highest creative capacity is inherently full of tension.
Ambition is always unrealistic. It’s designed to be just a tad out of reach.  
It requires s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g and that stretch demands moxie.

3. It takes nothing less than obstinate, unrelenting courage to excavate the
truth of your identity + then live that truth even when it would be easier (way easier) to sell out

Are you willing to be on your own leading edge – exposed, vulnerable and
LEAN INTO IT rather than shy away + search for a familiar rabbit hole?

But here’s the genius that underlies it all:

You are going to “work at” this life anyhow.
You will have to put elbow grease in either way.
You might as well spend that time removing the blocks to your unique truth
instead of stitching together an awkward patchwork quilt of society’s agenda for you.

So where do you get the chutzpah to fuel your courageous life?

Personally, I trust–a lot.

It would be unmistakably easier to exist in a realm of “why me?” chatter.
I could deny my right to ambition choosing instead the “safer” road of conventionality.
I could hide behind an androgynous mask of status quo + uniform acceptance.

But I’ve decided to……

trust my struggle.

When I look past the superficial chaos of it all…
It’s chock full of practical tools for self realization + accessing my innate power.

My struggle is a living, breathing education in humanity.
My own personal contract with the cosmos. 
A blueprint for expansion + high performance results.

And so is yours. 

What if you knew your neighbor was just as insecure as you to reveal his quirky, complex self?  Would you support him to stay the course of his truth?

What if you accepted that ambition isn’t easy?
But leaned in any.way.

What if you actively choose to be vulnerable in the world + feel safe in that vulnerability?
Who’s role model would you become?

Loosen your shackles; mine your liberation. (Click to tweet)

Your struggle is nothing less than an intense network of information ready to be distilled, understood + innovated upon.

When we see ourselves in the most specific, generous way possible; when we learn to trust our own struggle we then become available to see the legitimacy of others struggles.  It is in this space of seeing one another that recognition is born and we are able to connect in a meaningful way; in an honest way.

Essentially, we validate one another.
And who couldn’t use more of that?




As a life coach and psychologist, Dr. Danielle Dowling’s deepest desire is to motivate others to live inspiring lives. To experience a life better lived and to achieve their dreams—whatever their dreams may be!

Go ahead, share your story!

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