Finding your Purpose might be easier than you thought!!!


It seems like everywhere I look, there’s a new book, or a new mantra, or a new self-help tool. All of it guiding you to that one point, the crux of your existence that is your PURPOSE. I like following The Daily Love, and one of their regular writers, Gabrielle Bernstein, has been a source of great inspiration. In a weekly email she sends out, she sent this little gem out and I thought I’d share it.

“Don’t focus on being the Best @ … Your purpose is to be the LIGHT, bring your positive attitude into an environment lacking. Our purpose is to bring a better vibe and intention, to create oneness. We must BE THE LIGHT!” – Gabrielle Bernstein

she also said:

“A Miracle is when someone shows up at just the right time, and tells you what you’re READY  to hear in that moment” – Gabrielle Bernstein

I found these words especially inspiring because my focus is currently on finding a way to apply my gifts to the world around me. Like many people I’m looking for that satisfaction in my job, or I’m looking to do something that will change the world. Sometimes I feel that I get too caught up in looking for Happiness in the world around me, rather than looking within. While it’s important to look to the future, to have goals, it’s also crucially important to not get caught up in “and then …” thinking. I’m sure you’ve all had those thoughts “once I find a great job, I’ll get … and then I’ll be happy.” “I’ll wait until I saved up enough money, and then I’ll take that trip.” Fulfillment from life comes when you enjoy things here in the present. While I’m not saying that certain things shouldn’t be put off for better circumstances. You don’t want to get in the habit of always putting everything off for the perfect moment.

Be the Light!

People that know me will tell you that I’m always in a pleasant mood, I’m always smiling. My attitude seems to also effect other’s around me, soIMG_0850[1] bringing my positive attitude into situations is definitely a plus. By being intentional about how I interact with others, my attitude could be the miracle that someone else needs to make their day better. It just so happens that I’ve started to channel some of this energy, earlier last week I decided to just be myself, and to stop worrying about finding the right job, and to look for little ways each day to help encourage others. Aside from improving my overall mood, it has had a very tangible effect on my work performance, so much so that a promotion may be on the horizon for me. Besides the benefits to those around me, it is also a more stress free way to spend my time. I’ve noticed that I can recover faster after dealing with upset customers, and sometimes they calm down faster too. By focusing on being the light, I can bring harmony to the spirit within me, the spirit that seeks harmony and happiness with the world around.

As you spend the rest of the week, think of those words BE THE LIGHT! How can this new focus change your life, how can it positively effect your work, home, and relationships. If you’re naturally a positive person, imagine how infectious this can be to others around you. So I encourage everyone that reads this, go out and BE THE LIGHT!

4 thoughts on “Finding your Purpose might be easier than you thought!!!

  1. “By being intentional about how I interact with others, my attitude could be the miracle that someone else needs to make their day better.”

    This is my perspective exactly. I’ve mentioned on here and Instagram, we never quite understand the power of influence. Something you are saying, doing, not saying or not doing, is able to positively influence another individual.

    At times, it can occur even without our knowledge. This is why it is important to spread positive energy. You have a great post here. Someone out there somewhere, is reading this right now, where the words are slowly triggering the start to a brighter day.

    • Thank you for your words of encouragement, that’s why I write. I know that not everyone will understand the message. It’s not for them, but for the person who is ready to hear it, and they will come across it at the right time.

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