Stop trying to do God’s job

I can honestly say that I agree whole heartedly with these statements. I’ve been wondering this question myself; if I don’t agree with your perspective, does that mean that you are wrong? If I don’t agree with someone’s perspective does that mean I can’t show them love, grace, or mercy. I intentionally don’t talk about my faith, because I don’t want to be judged by my religious beliefs, but instead by the way I live my life. Unless you specifically ask me, I won’t tell you about my faith, with a few exceptions of course.
It saddens me to hear some of the vile and hateful comments uttered by some people, it makes me ashamed to be a fellow human. It’s equally disappointing that many of those people who say those things, are also quoting scripture. Then they seem to forget one thing, when asked what’s the greatest commandment, Jesus said “love your neighbor as yourself.” In that context, the word neighbor didn’t mean just the person physically proximal to you, but also included the Gentiles. As some of you may know, Jews and Gentiles in those days weren’t on speaking terms. What’s also interesting about that command, is what’s also not said. It only said to love them as yourself, there was no caveat to that love.
Furthermore no where in the bible does it say that you have to share the same perspective with others. Instead it talks a lot about living strangers, and especially those with different views. While the buble talks about judging those in the Church, it specifically forbids judging unbelievers. Interestingly this is the part many Christians seem to read incorrectly. I’m a more logical minded person, and it boggles my mind how we get that concept so wrong, when the bibles intentions are so clearly stated. Then again there are many other things about the bible that I’ve interpreted wrong over the years, perhaps this could be one of those too, if that’s the case then I digress. Even if I’m wrong though, it seems loving others, even those with differing beliefs, is the right thing to do.

Chris Martin Writes

I want to apologize up front if this post comes across a little stronger than usual. Time is short. People are dying. As a Church, we need to take a long, hard look into the mirror, and figure out real quick-like how we are representing the word, Christian.

It’s not our job to change people. Let’s start with that.

We sow seeds. Sometimes, we get the amazing opportunity to water those seeds. God brings the increase. God, through the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, brings conviction into people’s hearts. He brings change.

We’ve got to stop thinking everyone is wrong if they don’t believe exactly as we do. To put it quite simply…that doesn’t matter at all.

We need to stop debating with atheists, agnostics, and Mormons. We need to stop boycotting every single business that supports gay marriage. We need to stop pointing out everyone’s faults.

And we…

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