Since graduating College with a degree in Business Psychology, yes I know it sounds fascinating, but what do you do with that degree? No seriously I’m asking I’d like to know! This past year has been quite a journey, I’m starting to understand what my purpose is, and I’m practicing to be more spiritual and Loving. I’m learning to embrace myself and who I’ve become. I’m a positive person, and very few people can say that they’ve seen me angry.

Reaching for Heaven

My main mantra is to be loving, and next is to do my best. In embracing who I am I’ve become more connected to those around me. My writings here are my thoughts and messages that come to me in the still quite times. Some people might call it the universe, others may call it being connected. I call it my faith in God, that’s my belief, but you’ll never hear me try to preach that on to you.

If you’ve found anything I say here interesting, don’t think of my rantings as just religious banter. They are meant to guide others and bring encouragement and light to the dark areas of all our lives. These thoughts are meant to spark conversations, they’re meant to help you learn about yourself. They are meant to help you have deeper connections with those you’re close to.

Thank you for reading my writings, and I hope it brings encouragement, love, and peace to all those who read them.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. It’s a pleasure coming across your blog. I did a Google search, and some of the fields related to business psychology include Human Resource,chief court administrator and entrepreneurship.

    Nonetheless, the positive aura is what causes your blog space to connect with others. Positive energy is infectious…we must do our best to spread it.

  2. Did you know your social media icons don’t go to you directly? You may not have saved the links correctly. What is your user id for each of them so I can search by your name? Thanks.

    • Lol no the links are correct. I’m a bit of a late adapter when it comes to Social Media. I have Facebook and LinkedIn but no Twitter 😱. I know shocking, but you can find me by my name, Vance Montague. Perhaps it’s time for me to get with the times; how am I supposed to get my message out there 😁

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