Patience Redux!!!


Today I woke up with a renewed sense of clarity, and I really felt great about the future. I still don’t know how tomorrow will go, but boy am I excited to see where it’s going to take me! For the past few weeks, I’ve been encouraged and seen that I’m on the right path. They’re places that I’d like to go, and I think my faith is taking me there. Although the future is uncertain, I don’t feel burdened by that uncertainty. I’m actually really excited and feel like I want to go out and shout from the mountain top. Actually I’m heading out on my ┬áSunday Hike/Run, and I will be on a mountain top at some point, maybe I will shout from that mountain top; hopefully I don’t scare some of the other hikers.

So what is it that I’m so confident about, and feel like I finally have clarity about? Lately I’ve really been focusing on my Purpose, and my specific Gift. I’ve felt that it’s really important to be able to give of my natural talent, and I’ve wanted more than anything to be in that place in my life. Ultimately I see myself being a Counselor/Life Coach, that’s something I can be excited about everyday. Although I have a good JOB now, it’s not related to my passion, and I so desperately want to be on a path that gets me to my dream job. I’ve been trying to practice being Patient, and recognizing that if I continue to persevere, I’ll eventually get to my goal. I was reminded by a friend what it means to be patient. For as long as I’ve known her, she’s been in a job that she was not happy with. Just when it seems that all of her life was falling apart, it all came together. She’s so in-tuned to who she is, she now has a great job that she’s beyond excited about, and all aspects of her life seem to be going the way she thinks it should. After what probably seems like a lifetime, she’s in her season of growth. What that reminded me is that she was patient for years, she’s worked at the kind of life she’s longed for, and now everything is playing out perfectly. Although she’s seems to finally be on the path she’d like to be, there is plenty of work ahead.

Patience 2Thinking about her success, to some level made me a bit jealous, I’d like to have my season of growth now too. I think I had an “ah┬áha” moment today. Ok so I want to be a Counselor/Life coach, what do I know right now to make that come true? What do I still have to learn so that I can nurture and grow that career when it finally comes. My moment of clarity came in looking at where I am in a different way. It’s not that I’m not on the right path today, but that what I’m doing today is preparing me for what comes tomorrow. So that when I do get that awesome career, I’ll have all the right tools and training to be successful. I’ve been talking about embracing where I am, but I don’t feel as though I’ve completely embraced it. Despite what I may think about my current job, what if even it is helping me for what comes next. Instead of seeing it as something isolated, looking at it as part of the larger purpose, I’ve seen it as an opportunity for further growth.

So what does all of that mean. It’s time for me to stop focusing on things that are far in the future, it’s time to live in this moment, to be aware of what I can learn for my current circumstances. It’s important to acknowledge that ever aspect of where I am now, is an opportunity for growth. Most importantly I should trust in my Faith, I’m not quite sure what the future has in stored for me. I can be assured that it will be great, I may not even become a Counselor/Life Coach. That’s ok too, it’s more important for me to have the maximum effect to others despite the role. From my friend’s example, I can also rest assured that when it works out, it’s usually perfect. By trusting and having faith, things work out much better than I could have hoped for. So this is what I’ve learnt and what I have to look forward to.

  • Enjoy my life, go out and live every moment. Each moment is part of a larger plan to get me to where I’m needed the most. Even being single is a good thing. I know that especially during the Holidays it’s hard to do that. If I’m looking for love, what better way to attract it by being happy, and showing love to all those around me.
  • My life is playing out just the way it’s supposed to. I trust in God, and I can rest assured that he has my back. I’ve made a lot of great progress this year, I know myself even more, my faith is stronger than ever. I’m one day closer to love, and having that dream job. It’s time to enjoy where I am, go out and LIVE.
  • Sure I’m not as happy as I’d like to be, but I’m on the right path. Every aspect of my life now is preparing me for the next, and I’m learning what I need to be successful later.

What about you, are you in the same boat as I was? Are you frustrated that you’re not moving at the pace you think you should? Rest assured that you will get to the future you desire, but also recognize that you may not have all the right tools now, and your current life is preparing you for the next. Whether it’s your current job, your relationships, or other aspects of your life. It’s all preparing you for what comes next.