My Life is HAPPY, ‘This SMILE is owed to’!!

Most people that have the pleasure of knowing me will say there’s ONE thing they remember most about me. It’s that I’m always smiling or in a pleasant mood. Most people I know can count the number of times they’ve seen me upset. Unfortunately because I’m usually in a good mood, I can’t hide it for long if something is bothering me. I started writing because I wanted to spread some of my Joy to those that I won’t ever interact with or have the pleasure of knowing. So I brought out my brightest and best smile for this occasion.

A fellow writer sent me something interesting today, so I thought I’d play around with it and share it with you. Yes thanks to you happywappyblog here instructions were simple: 

Rules for the party:

Close your eyes and remember the last time you felt happy, really happy; not the fake smile you give the world or use for the photographs. Now, one of two things will happen- either you will remember something that makes you smile and give your insides a happy lurch or you will feel like this is a pointless exercise and you will move on to the next post in your scroll feed.
If you belong to the first category: good. If you belong to the second category and are still reading, GREAT!!!! Now realize that we are all in the same boat putting in our best efforts to row it towards our pot of desires. But today the Happy Wappy World decided to make you reflect back and acknowledge how far you have come, and within 15 minutes of your precious, hectic, important time (Hey, it’s not money at least!). The idea is to slow down our lives a little bit and focus on all the positives so far. So grab a pen and a paper and write down 10 reasons why you consider your life happy. This list may include individuals that make your life worth living, or your accomplishments achieved after a lot of hard work, or things as random as food joints or your favorite chocolate. When you are done, this piece of paper will describe all the trials and testing times you have been through and how it was all worth it in the end.

While life has it’s ups and down, taking time to appreciate beauty and happy moments is a great way to prolong your life. So here are a few things I’m happy about.

This SMILE is owed to:

  1. My Mom, for raising me to be an honest person (and that’s doing so when no one is looking too). To know how to treat other’s with respect, to be kind and generous, yet not be a doormat. Plus my Mom is just all around AWESOME, it only took me 30+ years to realize that.
  2. The Marine Corps. My new Pics - CopyI’ve learnt so many great lessons and so much of who I am is from my time there. While I do talk about it in the abstract (or sometimes refer to it as “In my former Life”) The Marines has been the catalyst to teaching me discipline, and to know my limits, and when it’s possible to overcome them or walk away.
  3. Friends along the way who have thought me to Love others despite their Political, Religious, or Sexual Preferences. I’m especially thankful to those of you who have helped shape my faith. Don’t want anyone to feel left out, so I’m not going to name any names here. But if you’ve ever gotten a “I’m thankful for you Letter or email” you know who you are.
  4. To the countless people who believed in me. Who gave me a chance, even though I may not have felt deserving, for pushing me to new limits.
  5. For a College Education, that was mostly FREE with some minor loans. While some days I may not always cherish my experience. It too along with the people I’ve met has shaped me into who I am today.
  6. For my family who supported and helped my mom and I to immigrate here to the U.S.
  7. This smile is also for you, my READERS. I know sometimes I could sound like I’m ranting, so thank you for listening.
  8. For Life long Friends like Nick and Sikhan. Who I know I can always call when I need help. Sorry Mandy and Caitlin if it’s late at night!
  9. For Living in California, imagewhere I can soak op the sunshine and fresh air anytime. Plus the beautiful spots I’ve found along the way
  10. This smile is for being able to find the good in situations and people. For not letting life keep me down.

I know I’m supposed to list 10 things, but I can’t have a list without also talking about my love for Techno Music (or EDM as the kids call it these days). There’s nothing quite like driving safely, but at an undisclosed speed, with the Beat just blasting. It doesn’t matter what my day was like, that can always bring a smile to my face #smiley.

Now that you’ve read what makes me HAPPY, it’s your turn, your next step is to spread the joy by sharing it. Remember, Sharing is caring! So go to your laptop (in case you are not on it), find a pic where you are happy and IN THE MOMENT and upload it with the list you made with the title- “This smile is owed to” on your blog / facebook accounts with the hash tag #mylifeishappy

Thank you for the Traffic Today!!!


As the day comes to a close, because it’s a special day, yes I know it’s still Valentine’s day, I take time to say thank you. As most people lament about their love interest, or their potential ones, I wanted to take some time to say thank you. I’ve been pretty bold about talking a bit more about my faith, and telling others more about my journey, so this is no different. A few weeks ago I had seen a post where someone shared a kind of a conversation they had with God, they asked why he had let so many bad things happen to them. Like any loving parent God listened first, then he explained how each act, saved the person from something worse. What follows is a bit of a story like that one, but of my day. I tend to downplay many situations, and some of you are thinking “yeah right!” But I had to stop and think of what the situation could have been instead. So I hope this helps bring some comfort to each of your lives that read this.

This morning on the way to work the traffic was worse than usual, so instead of going my usual speed 70+, I was forced to go slower. It was also raining a bit, so I had to use my wipers. As the traffic began to free up, I noticed something strange, a weird flickering on my hood (As I listened to K-Love, they were playing a song by Tenth Avenue North “Times” made specifically for today, where God was talking to us, he was telling us how much we were beautifully made, and how much he loved us), when I sat up and looked closer, I made a horrific discovery. The hood for my car was not closed, it was starting to flap in the wind because I was now going faster. Although the latch is partially broken, the security feature still worked, and it was preventing it from coming all the way up. I pulled over, and closed it shut all the way (I had some work done on my car yesterday, and it looks like the mechanic didn’t close it all the way). There shouldn’t have been traffic at that point in my drive, but without traffic, my hood could have completely opened up, and I might not have been here to share this story with you. Even when we think things are bad, God could be saving us from something far worse. So today I said ” Thank you God for the Traffic this Morning!”

Even if you don’t believe in God, or you believe in Spirituality or that the Universe is looking out for us, you can appreciate this story. It shows that even when we think what we’re going through is bad, perhaps this bad situation could be preventing you from experiencing something far worse. Today I was thankful for bad traffic, and bad California Drivers, because I know that they saved my life. I choose to believe that God was working his way in that situation, you can believe in whatever it is you believe in. Regardless of our beliefs, what seemed like a bad start to my day, was actually a beautifully divine way to protect me from something much greater. So what about you, what bad is happening in your life? What’s the alternative, what other situation could you be in if you weren’t in this one. Just to be clear, I’m not saying that every bad thing is a way that God is saving your from something else. I know that there are some very horrific tragedies in life, but what I am saying is to think about the role God or the Universe plays in your life sometimes.