Double Rainbow

W.O.W!! Go ahead say it a few times, when’s the last time you stopped to take a look at something because it was just soo amazing? If you can’t remember the last time you said wow, then you should probably take a minute, step outside. Whether you’re spiritual or you don’t believe there’s a god, you have to admit, the universe is a pretty amazing thing. The millions of stars, the beautiful wonder and all the bright colors. Even our planet, just the right distance from the Sun, and so far scientists haven’t discovered another like it in the known universe. Wow that’s pretty amazing if you ask me. I was thinking of this today, about how amazing and mind blowing our planet is. The trees, the plants, birds, and all the creatures. They all have a purpose and they’re all perfectly made. I just sat there and thought of all the great things, and just had to say “WOW that’s so amazing.” Now I know you’re wondering “what’s that got to do with anything?” I heard about a video this weekend Yosemitebear Mountain Double Rainbow, now this person knows how to appreciate nature and all the wonderful things it gives us. Granted I don’t think any of us can appreciate it with his jubilance, you have to admit, he is really happy to see that rainbow.


When is the last time you were really excited about something, and not about getting that new Playstation, or that one thing you’ve wanted since it came out on the market. I’m not talking about items, or little trinkets that could be gone in a flash. When was the last time you saw something in nature, or a special someone, that made you say “I’m really happy to see you.” Now before I get too off topic, let me make my point. Are you happy with the things around you that are natural, do you take the time to enjoy your life? Do you appreciate the people around you? Do you think you’re perfect and wonderfully made? If you’re like me, you probably answered no to at least one or two of those questions. I brought up nature and the beauty of it, because let’s face it, a sunset is perfect, and so are the birds, and all the animals. Each has it’s purpose and it fulfills that purpose each day. Now we are obviously much smarter than all the animals, plants, and beasts of the wild. Look at all the amazing things we’ve done. Seriously how did someone think up how to make the device you’re reading this on. Have you ever visited a factory, look at all the wires, tubes, ducts, and machinery. Someone thought up every little part. WOW how amazing is that?

We each have our very own unique purpose, and we have a wonderful gift to share with the world. What if, even our faults have a purpose, what if those faults can be our triumph in the right situation. What if just like all those other wonderful things in the universe, we are too. Let’s face it if everything else is perfect just the way it is, why are we the exception. If anything we’re exceptional, look at all the great inventions other humans have come up with. As I was thinking about all the great things around me, that thought started creeping in, “yea those things are great, but you’re …” You know, the I’m not smart enough, or I’m not pretty enough, or I wish I was taller … As I was thinking about how wonderful everything around me is, I thought I should learn to appreciate what I have to offer, how wonderfully made I am, the gifts I have to offer the world. Learn to embrace all aspects of my life.Even being single could be a blessing, because let’s face it, the grass is always greener on the other side. If you’re interested check out  OH WHAT FUN IT IS TO… BE SINGLE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON! If you believe that everything else is made perfect, then maybe, just maybe so are you. So let’s learn to embrace ourselves, our REAL SELF.

So what about you, what WOW moment did you have this week. I’d love to hear about it, and for once lets change the way we see ourselves. Just like that amazing Rainbow, or the beautiful sunset. We’re all perfect just the way we are. Take time to smell the rose, if the dog gets it, let’s not be left behind.

Stop smell the roses